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BitCoin Forex Trading

Few Forex Brokers enable investors to take advantage of the extreme volatility levels of Bitcoin prices and provide flexible access the booming Bitcoins market. BitCoin Forex Trading, Bitcoin fx trading BitCoin spot fx.

BitCoin CFD Trading

Some providers offer Bitcoin CFD Trading. CFD provides traders exposure to all types of financial assets, index, or commodity short or long leveraged positions – without having to physically own the underlying asset itself.
Bitcoin was defined as a commodity by the CES.

Bitcoin Is For the First Time Worth More Than Gold

bitcoin-goldRecord performance continues: Bitcoin is for first time worth more than gold An all-time high after the next: The digital currency Bitcoin is for weeks on record course. On Friday a new high was reached. Bitcoin price rose according to Bloomberg at noon up to 1,298 USDs. A milestone was reached early on Thursday: The Bitcoin price closed the first time higher than the price of gold .
Gold closes lower than Bitcoin Continue reading

Bitcoin Spread Betting

Best Bitcoin spread betting providers
Today, state of the art trading platforms allow traders to take advantage of the unusual volatility levels of Bitcoin prices and provide flexible access to the bitcoin futures markets without installing and securing a Bitcoin wallet. Continue reading

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

In short, an affiliate program is a program that pays you money for bringing new customers to their website. Through affiliate program, you basically become a marketing agent for a website which offers services or goods and can now generate revenue without actually having a product. All you need to do is make sure you bring targeted customers to your partner which you are affiliated with. Continue reading

GoUrl Provides a Simple and Direct Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin for WordPress

GoUrl is a complete and direct Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for WordPress. By a simple installation of this innovative plugin, everyone who has a WordPress blog can immediately start accepting payments with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Paycoin, Dash, Reddcoin, etc directly to their wallet without requiring a third party. Continue reading

Darknet Markets Guide

Tor Network also is known as “Onion Network” or “The Darknet ” is the place to find and buy products that are not being censored, banned, limited or blocked by various entities. This technology provides a comfortable and relatively safe host for many Markets and shops.