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VIX Crashes Back Below 20 After Futures Expiration

Spot VIX briefly spiked above 25 when hotflation sent markets into brief turmoil, but once the Feb VIX futures had expired, it was a one-way-street of VIX-selling euphoria…


Financial Times-19 hours ago

Whistleblower alleges manipulation of VIX

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Bond vigilantes awaken allies in the stock market

Bond vigilantes awaken partners in the stock market


A bond vigilante is a bond market investor who protests monetary or fiscal policies he considers inflationary by selling bonds, thus increasing yields. … As a result, bond prices fall and yields rise, which increases the net cost of borrowing.


Bond vigilantes could be acquiring allies in the stock market.

With inflation fears once again in vogue and the U.S. budget deficit perceived surge, vigilantes have {targeted|stormed|floaded fixed income trading floors and seem to be merge in equity markets too, where they will penalize already dilapidated stocks for policymakers’ and lawmakers’ actions.


"The stock market is feeling the bond market’s pain. Absolutely, no doubt – we have stock vigilantes too," says Ed Yardeni,

The label "bond vigilante" was coined by Yardeni in 1983 to express investors’ insistence on high yields to cover for the exposure to risk of inflation and budget deficits at the time of the Reagan administration. A stock version of a vigilante would seek to sway lawmakers and policymakers by hurting equity prices.


Bond yields began to skyrocket on Feb. 2 after U.S. government data confirmed the biggest wage gains since 2009, convincing investors of the growing threat of inflation, long tame since the 2007-2009 recession.


U.S. stock investors have now became hypersensitive to rising yields after the past week’s upturn, which lifts borrowing costs and could hold back economic earnings and production, Yardeni said. That also comes against the backdrop of accumulating government debt.


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Wall Street rises 1percent following Thursday’s downturn

U.S Stock Market bounces back 1  percent following Yesterday’s

Wall Street’s three primary indexes {raised more than 1% on Fri, bouncing back from a steep selloff this week that pressed the Dow Jones Industrial Average..




 had {lost|{dropped|slipped|decreased|fallen|plunged| 4 percent on Yesteday, taking the Dow and the S&P more than 10 percent underneath their top record highs on Jan. 26 and adding to the impression that rising U.S. government bond yields had started a major correction to near nine years uninterrupted increases for The U.S Stock Market.


The yield on benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasuries US10YT=RR, which tends to be the driver of global loaning premiums, was hovering at 2.85 percent, positioned to closing the week almost unchanged since getting a near a four-year high of 2.885 percent Monday.


"The fact that Monday’s lows were breached (on Thursday)signals more trouble ahead and rallies are likely to give way to rising bond yields,," suggested Peter Cardillo, chief fiancial analyst at First Standard Financial in New York.


At 9:32 a.m. ET (1432 GMT), the Dow went up 346.11 points, or 1.45 percent, at 24,206.57. The S&P was up 35.95 points or 1.4 percent, at 2,616.95 and the Nasdaq Composite .IXIC went up 104.04 points, or 1.54 percent, at 6,881.19.



Technology and financial shares contributed improvements on the S&P, while commercial stocks and shares helped lift the Dow.


At the heart of the week’s pullback in the market is a rise in U.S. relationship yields due to growing expectations a robustly executing economy will lead to raised inflation and a steady rise in established rates of interest over this year.

Investors also point to additional pressure from the violent unwinding oftrades linked to bets on volatility staying low.

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Mexico plans to make regional content proposal for autos in NAFTA talks

Mexico plans to offer regional content proposal for autos in NAFTA talks

  Mexico will make a proposal for regional content criteria for autos at the next round of discussions to renegotiate  NAFTA , a top ranking Mexican official stated on Wednesday. “Moving the rule significantly would mean big changes in costs,” he said.
At the latest round of negotiations in Montreal, Canada recommended that expenses for engineering, research and development and other high-value task be taken into account when calculating regional content for autos. Mexico confirmed this as “innovative”, though Trump’s trade chief rejected it.


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Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (37)

Top 4 Alternative Investments To The Stock Market

SBI is India’s largest lender and ranked among the leading banks in the country. Today gold price in India for 24 karat, 22 karat and 18 karat gold given in Indian rupees. When a price is trading between a defined high and low, moving within these two boundaries without breaking out from them. A situation in which traders are heavily positioned on the short side and a market catalyst causes them to cover (buy) in a hurry, causing a sharp price increase.

From a price action perspective, as noted, EUR/GBP has been falling sharply since early November, after the currency pair broke down below a steep uptrend line that has been in place since June’s UK Referendum. The price of one currency in terms of another, typically used for dealing purposes.

Axcelis has a product called Purion which is finding great demand, and the company projects 2017 revenue to grow 19% over last year. Although it is difficult to predict what the spot price of gold will be, it is important to understand some of the ways it is influenced.

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It works like a compensation

increases. It works like a compensation. It may happen that there are no more shares to be lent or that the few that exist are at a very high cost. The greatest pricing benefit of a CFD, however, is that you do not need a great deal of capital to play in this game. Since you do not have to purchase the associated asset at its face value, you can determine the amount of capital you want to put at risk, according to the margin or leverage offered by your broker. Actual price movements in the market over a selected period of time then determine your gain or loss, as if you had purchased the entire stock position in the market. Although leverage can increase your chances for gain, it can also magnify your losses, too. It is possible to lose more money than you invest in a given position. Margin calls are still a possibility. In CFD trading there is no natural expiry period. Should the investor which to close out their position they can simply place an equal value trade in the opposing direction. For example, should

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