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Buy Domain and Pay For Hosting Anonymously Using Bitcoins

When you buy a domain with Bitcoin, you can be sure that your transactions will remain secured since you have the sole right to make payments or transfers from your wallet. There is also no need for you to sign any documents. Best of it all, the transactions fees that are being charged to those who buy domains with Bitcoin are also lower than the charges imposed by banks. The whole process is between you and the Bitcoin domain registrar.

using bitcoin as payment helps individuals, businesses and activist groups keep their digital identity anonymous, their online data private and their websites running. We actively ignore and impede data requests and go out of our way to keep your website online.
Domain Name and DNS Hosting
hundreds of Domain Name extensions at affordable prices. These include .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv, .cc and new ones like .xyz, .trade, .joburg, .capetown, .durban, .trade, .africa, .tech ; for example: (com, net, org, co,, in, biz, us, eu, mobi, asia, name, tel,, tv, me, info, ws, bz, cc,,,,,,,, mn,,, .. as well as country-code domains ending with .uk, .ng, .za, .us, .gh, .na among several others. We offer additional free features like Domain Forwarding & DNS Management.
Privacy protected with bitcoin payment by default.
Private domain registration
Anonymous web hosting and bitcoin web hosting
Website security and private SSL
Private email and anonymous email accounts
privacy protection on the whois database without additional cost
possibility to check out anonymously using your Bitcoin wallet.