FastCoin (FST)

FastCoin – The fastest cryptocurrency in the market
FastCoin (FST) officially launched in 2013. In comparison to Bitcoin’s 10-minute transaction block time, FastCoin’s fastest block time of 12 seconds complete confirmation at 48 times is a remarkable advancement. It is decentralized, peer-to-peer technology and Blockchain based digital currency without any involvement of central issuing authority. Fast coin offers a rapid rate of adoption; for all these technical advantages FastCoin has earned outstanding popularity recently.


FastCoin, presently, is backed by a community of developers and cryptocurrency user from all corners of the world. The use of FastCoin is popular in USA, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India, China and more places with hundreds of happy users. Christopher Tao, the lead developer of FastCoin, is based in Toronto but its developers’ community is spread all over the world. and the coin’s founder creator.

It is essential to install a wallet for initiating the transaction on FastCoin network. Android fast coin wallet is available so that the cryptocurrency can be highly mobile responsive. Due to its speedy fast transaction speeds, FastCoin offers perceptible benefits for merchants who accept FastCoin as a global payment method.

Technical details of FastCoin:

12-second block target.
4 confirm/ transaction – every transaction gets confirmed in 48 seconds.
Mining trouble retargets every hour. Accelerated re-targets are used so as to remove insta-mining.
32 coins/ block, block reward halves roughly every 12 months or 2 592 000 blocks.
A total of 165 888 000 coins will be issued.
The connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527.
Comparable to Litecoin, FastCoin runs on Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm.
FastCoin has strong social media presence; with the support of its creative and innovative developers’ team, consumers’ reliance, it is has excellent growth prospect as the competent digital currency of future. Currently, the digital currency has reached a total market cap of $2 250 000 USD, which is a glimpse of its bigger future impending.

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