Monero (XMR)

Monero cryptocurrency
Monero information Exchanger
Algorithm CryptoNight
Proof type PoW
Start date 02/06/2014
Coin Tag XMR
Website Monero
Information About Monero
Monero is a new generation of cryptocurrency. This monero currency is private, secure and untraceable. Monero platform provides the user an open source and is available to for all type of user. When you use Monero you simply think that you are your own bank. You can everything manage it only by yourself. And the fund transaction, security, privatization is only becoming your responsibility. You will able to all the things which are by your bank for you.
The Cryptonight algorithm was developed especially for cryptocurrency application and only CPU’s can perform Monero mining

With the help of you will get three basic and most important things. Which is:

Because it is used in online mode so for better security it uses Distributes peer to peer network. This network is completely made secure with the latest high version of cryptography. And your data is locked in several layers so that it becomes impossible to crack by the hacker and others. And if stolen then any type of account file is not retrieved form thieves.

The funds you transfer or spend here and it is not traceable to any outer person. The Ring Signature scheme is used for this purpose. It creates too much ambiguity on your every transaction so that it became untraceable.

The digital signature keep all monero transactions anonymous and private. Only the owner can open the account file. No one else can open this file.

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