Simple Factors Show Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Will Continue Dropping; Here’s Why This is Bullish

Bitcoin’s recent volatility did some severe technical damage to its market structure, and also led to mass capitulation amongst BTC miners, with the crypto’s decline from $10,500 to lows of $3,800 making it no longer profitable for many smaller mining operations. Miner’s ongoing capitulation is illustrated while looking towards Bitcoin’s hash rate, which has seen […]

In a Few Hours, a Crucial Bitcoin Candle Will Close: What To Watch For

In just over 120 minutes as of the time of this article’s publishing, Bitcoin’s one-month and three-month candles will close. A number of analysts have remarked that the upcoming close will be crucial for the crypto market’s directionality moving forward. Related Reading: This Key Metric Suggests the Crypto Market’s Downturn Will Be Shortlived Levels to […]

Data Shows Ethereum is Gearing Up for an Explosive Downside Movement

Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past several days and weeks, which has led ETH to once again enter a bout of sideways trading within the mid-$130 region. Despite being able to post a strong rebound from its recent lows, it is important to note that analysts are widely anticipating ETH […]

Ripple Poised to Triple By Q4 2020 After XRP Forms Classic Bottom

XRP, the cryptocurrency asset often referred to as Ripple, has been among the worst-performing crypto assets and altcoins of the last two years. However, according to one crypto analyst who has spotted what they believe is a classical bottom signature on XRP price charts, expects the asset’s woes to soon change and potentially triple in […]

Bitcoin Bulls are Being “Put to the Test” as Bears Begin Stacking Sell Orders

Yesterday’s Bitcoin rally has led the cryptocurrency into the mid-$6,000 region, with the mounting resistance at $6,500 proving to be too much for BTC’s bulls to surmount. This has led to yet another bout of consolidation around this level. One analyst is noting that Bitcoin’s bulls are currently being “put to the test” after losing […]

Brazilian Crypto Exchange XDEX Announces Full Closure

Brazilian crypto exchange XDEX, which is owned by the largest stock broker in Latin America, announced the end of its activities. The company announced its closure on March 31: “Today, we announce that XDEX is starting the process of closing its activities. Market projection, competition and few regulatory advances reduced the opportunities found at the […]

Lowest Exchange BTC Balances Since 2019 — Calm Waters Ahead?

Bitcoin (BTC) balances of the major exchanges are at their lowest point since 2019. Calm waters ahead? From a high in mid-January, the number of Bitcoins on deposit at major exchanges has dropped significantly in following months. This trend accelerated after the recent market collapse. Source: Glassnode Further supporting this trend is the “exchange net […]

New Lightning Network Authentication Method Could Replace Website Accounts

Blockchain firm Lightning Labs drafted the specifications of a new Lightning Network-based authentication system that could replace traditional email-based accounts. According to a March 30 announcement, the Lightning Service Authentication Tokens (LSAT) is a new authentication protocol for paid services. The system issues Lightning-based tokens for users after they paid for the service in Bitcoin […]

CZ Talks Bitcoin Price After Halving, Coronavirus and Binance Decentralization

Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ — the man behind Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world — took part in Cointelegraph China HUB, an online interview column started by Cointelegraph China. Cointelegraph:The markets are currently seeing high volatility, which has challenged Bitcoin’s role as a safe haven and sparked a crisis of […]

Head and Shoulders On Cryptocurrency Market Cap Foretells Retest of Lows

The total cryptocurrency market cap can oftentimes provide clues as to where Bitcoin and altcoins could be headed in the short-term. The latest price action is exhibiting a pattern that looks structurally similar to a head and shoulders, which if valid and confirmed would suggest Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market will make […]