Crypto Funds in Demand, Institutions See Bitcoin as Alternative Hedge

While the theater world has Waiting for Godot, the crypto sphere has its own drama: Waiting for the Institutional Investor. Recently, there have been some promising sightings. Grayscale Investments has been buying up Bitcoin (BTC) at a great rate in recent months.  Indeed, since the May 11–12 rewards halving event, the fund has been accumulating […]

Conquering Decentralized Finance: Enter the Custodians

The future of finance is decentralized. Striving to facilitate that prognosis, decentralized finance — or DeFi — is quickly shaping into an alluring prospect for investors and companies alike. Looking to harness this decentralized ideal, rivals to the Ethereum-centric sector are feeling the fear of missing out and leveraging their own blockchains in order to […]

Crypto Set For a Major Recovery as Threat of Negative Rates Hang Over Fragile US Economy

Crypto is set to benefit immensely over the coming years as the wheels begin falling off the fiat system. While stimulus efforts may have delayed the social and economic impact of the situation we face, it is becoming more apparent that kicking the can down the road only proliferates the problem. A mass awakening to […]

$10,000 Bull Trap? Why Bitcoin Price Is Now Likely to Pull Back

Bitcoin (BTC) price was once again sideways last week with price action between bulls and bears proving to be equal. But scenarios look likely for Bitcoin as we approach the month of May comes to a close? Let’s take a look at what’s happening with the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, BTC.  Daily crypto market […]

Crypto and Fiat Currencies Are Worlds Apart, Here Are the Reasons Why

One of the core narratives of Bitcoin (BTC) since inception is the oft-stated goal of separating money and state. While this has certainly been a powerful creed in the currency’s early adoption by the crypto-anarchist and techno-libertarian communities, what does this actually mean? It’s quite simply a call for a neutral form of money. When […]

Ethereum Breaking This Single Level Could Spark a Surge To $300

Ethereum is up more than 5% today and it is trading above the $235 level against the US Dollar. ETH price is likely to surge towards the $285-$300 if it clears the $248 resistance zone. Ethereum is surging and it recently broke the $220 and $230 resistance levels. The price is now trading well above […]

Bitcoin Holds Strong at $9,500: A Strengthening Case for Upside

Bitcoin is up more than 2% today and it is trading above $9,500 against the US Dollar. BTC is trading in a positive zone and it could rally above the $9,800 and $10,000 resistance levels. Bitcoin is showing a lot of positive signs above the $9,500 pivot level. The price recovered nicely after a short […]

Analysts: Why Bitcoin Breaking $10,500 Is So Crucial to the Long-Term Bull Case

After days of stagnation and consolidation, Bitcoin started to mount a strong comeback earlier this week. The leading cryptocurrency now trades for $9,650 — the highest price in over a week and more than 13% higher than the ~$8,550 lows seen during a retracement earlier this month. But Bitcoin remains below a crucial region of […]

Ransomware Attack Kidnaps Austrian City

Malware team, NetWalker, launched a ransomware attack against the Austrian village of Weiz. This attack affected the public service system and leaked some of the stolen data from building applications and inspections. According to the cybersecurity firm, Panda Security, hackers managed to penetrate the village’s public network through phishing emails related to the COVID-19 crisis. […]

It’s “Decision Time” for Ethereum, and Analysts Bet ETH Surges to the Upside

It’s been an explosive past few days for Ethereum. In the past 24 hours alone, the second-largest cryptocurrency is up 10%. As reported by NewsBTC previously, the asset is currently pushing $244, the highest price since early March. This surge is important as it comes at a critical time for cryptocurrency bulls. One prominent trader […]