$10 Million Burned on BitMEX Shorts as Bitcoin Surges to $9,700

Just hours after Ethereum rocketed higher, so too has Bitcoin. The leading cryptocurrency recently reached $9,750, the highest price BTC has traded at in over a week. $9,750 is just over 13% higher than last week’s lows of $8,600, established as miners were seemingly dumping their coins in response to the May 11th block reward […]

Ethereum Erupts 10% Higher: Here’s Why Analysts Think More Upside Is Imminent

While Bitcoin is stalling under the key $9,500-9,600 resistance level, Ethereum has rocketed higher. The asset, according to TradingView.com, is up 10% over the past 24 hours. ETH is currently pushing $244, the highest price since early March. For some context, Bitcoin is up a mere 1% in the past 24 hours. Also, a majority […]

Bitcoin’s Rise has Not Been Supported by Growing Volume; What This Means

Bitcoin has seen a notable price rise over the past week, bouncing from its recent lows of $8,800 that were set during its latest downtrend. The subsequent uptrend allowed the cryptocurrency to rally up to highs of $9,700 just a couple of days ago. The visit to this level was fleeting, as buyers quickly lost […]

‘Black Swans’ for Fiat Will Only Be a Favor for Cryptocurrencies

In the past three decades, the world has been witness to three extraordinary “black swan” events that served as structural crossroads for both societies and economies: the 9/11 terror attacks, the 2008 global financial crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly two decades ago, 9/11 unleashed brazen new escalations of state powers over individuals and monetary […]

Ethereum Leads Market with Insane Rally; Here’s Where it May Go Next

Ethereum incurred some explosive momentum yesterday that allowed it to erase weeks of losses that it had posted against its Bitcoin trading pair. This latest movement has significantly bolstered its market structure, with ETH to rallying up to its local highs of $235 that were set several weeks ago. It still has quite a way […]

Bitcoin ‘Smart Money Indicator’ Revisits All-Time High, What’s Next?

The likes of Paul Tudor Jones and his hedge fund are now buying Bitcoin. Grayscale is scooping up over 150% of newly minted coins. Yesterday, a record number of Bitcoin futures contracts expired on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange better know as CME. Interest from these “smart money” investors and traders is soaring, and now, a […]

Is Bitcoin Price Finally Ready for Breakout Above $10,000?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) had seen a substantial rally before the halving, as the price topped at $10,100. Since then, the BTC price has been hovering inside a sideways range between $8,200 and $10,000. However, are the markets making itself ready for a breakout above this crucial resistance? Bitcoin is showing strength, but other […]

Sichuan Rainy Season to Give Bitcoin Hash Rate a Much Needed Jolt

The post-halving reality of Bitcoin’s network may soon change shape, some industry insiders argue. The reason is quite simple, and, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with crypto itself: The wet season has arrived in Sichuan, a southwest China province known as one of the hottest spots for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.  The rain in Sichuan […]

This Crypto Use Case Has Never Been as “Underrated” Due to Twitter and Trump

Crypto assets and blockchains have long had ambiguous use cases. Some say that this industry is good for replacing traditional institutions like governments and financial service providers. Others say that blockchain’s sole purpose is to boost the efficiency of modern corporations that may need to accelerate their supply chains or otherwise. Unfortunately for cryptocurrency bulls, […]