How Market Volatility Is Shining a Light on DeFi’s Structural Vulnerabilities

On March 12, United States President Donald Trump gave a 10-minute speech on COVID-19 that, coupled with the World Health Organization’s official declaration the day before that the outbreak was now a pandemic, sparked panic across global markets. Investors rushed to the safety of cash, and no cryptocurrency was immune from the mass sell-off. The […]

Donald Trump Just ‘Advertised’ Bitcoin After Fed Creates $6 Trillion

Bitcoin (BTC) gained ironic support from United States President Donald Trump on March 27 after he appeared to say he supported manipulating the dollar. In a press conference quoted by various Twitter commentators, including Blockstream CSO, Samson Mow, Trump defended the Federal Reserve printing more than $6 trillion. Trump: the dollar is “our money, our […]

Not Convinced New Investors are Buying Bitcoin, Top Analyst Says

While headlines about tanking bitcoin prices serve ideal opportunities for investors to enter the cryptocurrency market, one top analyst thinks the asset is lacking new buyers. Alex Saunders, the CEO & Founder of Australia-based Nugget News, offered a wave of discouraging catalysts that might have driven people out of cryptocurrencies, including a wrecked US job […]

Peter Vessenes in the Focus of Cointelegraph China

Welcome back to Cointelegraph China’s Focus talk show. This time around, Peter Vessenes is under the spotlight. He is the founder of CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation, serving as its first executive director and chairman. Vessenes has provided digital-currency consulting services for entities including the United States Treasury […]

Bitcoin Price Drops to $6.1K Shortly After Equities Markets Close Red

After trading in the $6,450 to $6,850 range for the past eight days, Bitcoin (BTC) price finally made a larger move, this time to the downside, as the digital asset dropped 8.72% to a daily low at $6,068.  The move somewhat mirrors the performance of traditional markets, which also closed the day with losses. The […]

Analyst Who Called XRP’s Drop to $0.16 Is Still Expecting Upside: Here’s Why

Over the past five hours, cryptocurrencies across the board, from Bitcoin to XRP, have not performed well. Since the daily peak at $6,700, the price of BTC has fallen as low as $6,050, a drop of 10% in a matter of a few hours. This loss has been reflected throughout the rest of the asset […]

Bitcoin Holds $6,000s, Federal Reserve To Do “QE Infinity,” U.S. Digital Dollar Proposed

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Over the past week, Bitcoin has flatlined, trading between $6,500 and $6,800 for a number of days. Almost all altcoins followed suit, also posting close to no notable price action over the past few days. Ripple’s XRP, though, got some time in the spotlight, rallying 10% higher on Thursday […]

US Holding Firm Halted Mining Business After Bitcoin Crashed Below $4K

Although the cryptocurrency markets have slightly recovered following massive sell-offs in mid-March, Bitcoin’s (BTC) faltering price has led to notable miner instability and closures. Soon after Bitcoin dropped below the $4,000 threshold on March 13, DPW Holdings, a Nasdaq-listed holding company, announced that it is temporarily shutting down its cryptocurrency mining business, Digital Farms. DPW […]

After Bitcoin Plunged 7.5% in Minutes, Traders Fear the Worst Is Yet to Come

An hour ago, the price of Bitcoin suddenly faltered after days of non-action, crashing from the $6,700 base where it had traded at for much of Friday to $6,250 within a few minutes’ time. As a result, at least $20 million worth of long positions on BitMEX were liquidated, while millions more probably bit the dust […]

Blockchain Jobs Continue to Rise Despite Global Recession

Trillions of dollars have been injected into the global markets in an attempt to revitalize the world economy. The U.S. alone recently hit its highest unemployment rate in history. The whole world seems to be falling apart except for blockchain Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, is looking to increase […]