Bitcoin CFD Trading

Generally, you have two choices to invest in bitcoins. fist you can buy bitcoins online or offline or you can trade bitcoin CFD (Contract of difference) ).With CFD you can profit both from a rise or a decline in the price of bitcoin. You also may use leverage, which allows you to multiply your profits
Let’s say you buy 0.1 BTC with the leverage of 1: 5, with the rate of 14 447 € 1 unit. After a week bitcoin price rise to € 15,603, how much you earn?
.It is simple> (number of units * rate) / leverage -> (0.1 * 14 447 €) / 5 = 289 €. In trade and then enter 289 €, but the profits and losses receive as if traded with 1 445 € (0.1 * 14 447 €) that is due to the effect of leverThe lever 1: 5 means that the broker will pay five times your investment in order to trade the larger size of the coins, and so grow your protentional profits but also any losses.The profit we expect in the following way -> (number of units * rate after one week) – (number of units * the beginning rate) = (0.1 * 15,603) – (0.1 * 14,447) = 1560-1445 = 116 € .The calculation of the loss works in the same way, except that there is a negative number. To trade Bitcoin CFD I recommend 24option. They have a simple platform that is welcoming to users, they have the lowest spreads and support for users who work 24 hours a day five days in the week.

Some providers offer Bitcoin CFD Trading. CFD provides traders exposure to all types of financial assets, index, or commodity short or long leveraged positions – without having to physically own the underlying asset itself.The extreme volatility of Bitcoin price makes it very attractive to day traders.
Bitcoin was defined as a commodity by the CES.

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