A serialized internet-comic named Bulltardia is hiding twelve keys which kind a seed phrase for a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet made up of .1 BTC. The initially two episodes are included in quantity three of the Bitcoin lifestyle fanzine, Citadel 21.

There have been a quantity of possibilities for those people who like cryptic puzzles and totally free Bitcoin, from early treasure hunts via the streets of Barcelona, to clues concealed in graffiti artwork and even an album full of songs.

Now, specifically for those who like comic guides and graphic novels, comes a different possibility to solve the clues, crack the code and accessibility a wallet holding .1 BTC ($940 at push time).

The worlds of Bitcoin and comedian textbooks collide

Bulltardia is a serialized website-comedian, penned and drawn by Dim Zayan, and holding the twelve clues to the aforementioned wallet’s seed phrase.

At the moment the initial two episodes, “A Prayer To The Moon” and “Honey Badger Does not Care” are accessible in the most recent volume of Citadel 21. Long term episodes will be introduced about the coming months.

The story so significantly…

As 1 may possibly have discovered from the episode titles alone, the Bitcoin inspiration is potent.

There is a shadowy collector flanked by bodyguard bears, imprisoning those who conspire against the oppressive “holy church of fiat,” and pray to the moon.

And then there is the petulant honey badger hero named Bit, who won’t do favours for no cost, and is a little bit of a brat, all advised. He receives sent on a mission by his father, Satoshi, to return a moonstone (bearing a Bitcoin B) to the moon, and hopefully increase up a bit on the journey.

As mentioned there are only two episodes in so significantly, and Cointelegraph will supply a comprehensive overview once more episodes are forthcoming. Zayan promises that the approaching episode 3 will introduce a formidable supervillain and make abundantly obvious the rationale for the comic strips title, Bulltardia.

In the meantime, treasure hunters can pore around the first two episodes searching for text from the seed phrase to that wallet. Visitors have even been provided a clue presently. The initially crucial is just one of the good reasons the honey badger does not treatment.

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