Monex Grants Small Amount of Bitcoin as Year-End Shareholder Benefit

Japanese financial services firm Monex — the company behind crypto exchange Coincheck — announced that it will give Bitcoin (BTC) to its shareholders as a year-end benefit for 2019. According to an announcement on March 23, Monex plans to give to its shareholders 500 yen worth ($4.53) to those who hold the firm’s shares as […]

‘This Will and Needs to Be Bitcoin’s Year’ Says Mike Novogratz

With vast swaths of the world markets in virtual lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, some predict that the shocks rippling through the global economy in early 2020 may yet come to dwarf the magnitude of the 2008 financial crash. Just as Bitcoin (BTC)’s creation is bound up with 2008 and the Great Recession, Galaxy Digital […]

Is Staking the Answer to Cryptocurrency’s Mining Problems?

For a tech that was supposed to be democratic and distributed in order to free financial systems from the grip of government-influenced banks and return control of the money supply to the people, cryptocurrencies have turned out to be pretty concentrated.  Some 66% of all Bitcoin (BTC) mining now takes place in China, with 54% […]

BitMEX Defends Insurance Fund Being ‘Barely Used’ in BTC Price Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchange BitMEX continues to field criticism after attempting to explain a mass liquidation event during which BTC/USD crashed 60%. In a blog post on March 23, BitMEX addressed what it says were “a number of questions” from traders since the event occurred eleven days ago. BitMEX: insurance fund functioned as normal At […]

More Monday Carnage? US Futures Plummet, Bitcoin Price Below $6K

After failing to gain above the $6,400 resistance on March 22, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls spent the remainder of the day struggling to bring the digital asset back above $6,000. At the time of writing Bitcoin trades slightly below $6,000 and many traders anticipate further downside as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen in the United […]

Baidu and Google Trends See Increased Interest in Purchasing Bitcoin

Don’t worry — this time there’s news coming out of China that isn’t connected to the coronavirus outbreak. With so many people around the world working from home, social distancing, and self-quarantining after possible exposure to COVID-19, online searches surrounding cryptocurrencies have gotten a bump. According to a report available to Cointelegraph, the Chinese search […]

Bitcoin Price Holds Key $5.9K Support, Avoiding a Retest of Recent Lows

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, markets, both traditional and crypto, remain highly unpredictable. Even gold has failed to provide safety for investors and Bitcoin (BTC) is undergoing a demanding test as a new asset class in an unprecedented health and financial crisis. Crypto market daily performance. Source: Coin360 As traditional markets gear up […]

Coronavirus Quarantine Drove Volume Resurgence in Asia

Catherine Coley, the CEO of Binance US, revealed that the coronavirus quarantine in Asia drove a surge in trade volume during an interview with Bloomberg on March 16. On the subject of the recent correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and the S&P 500, Coley asserts that both the traditional cryptocurrency markets are playing out a familiar […]

Bitcoin’s Uncoupling from “Uncorrelated” – The Coinbase Blog

By Mike Co and Shawn Dejbakhsh This piece is one in a series designed to educate Coinbase customers on basic market analysis. TLDR: Although Bitcoin has recently sold off alongside the S&P 500, based on historical data, recent positive correlation may be temporary. From an Economist article dated Nov. 18th, 2007, just prior to the […]

Coinbase rolls out Bitcoin transaction batching

By Eli Haims, Product Manager Today we’re launching Bitcoin transaction batching, a new feature that significantly reduces the load that Coinbase puts on the Bitcoin blockchain and may save users more than 50% on network fees. Historically, every time a Coinbase customer sent bitcoin, we broadcasted a single on-chain transaction. Starting today, we will be […]