Cryptos Under 1 Cent: Best Penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world, and many people are looking for cryptos that can provide them with great investment opportunities. However, the crypto market has been in a bearish trend for the past couple of years. Many cryptos have lost over 90% of their value, some even to below 1 cent. Currently, there are many cryptos under 1 cent in value. But, which cryptos are the best penny cryptos to invest in? 

According to experts, this is one of the best times to invest in cryptos! Since these have been under a penny for years, they offer the opportunity to make some money if you invest in them now. While there is no guarantee of future success, these cryptos represent some of the best penny crypto currencies to invest in in 2022.  

The cryptomarket is projected to grow into a multi-trillion dollar industry in the next few years. If you’re looking for cryptos under 1 cent that will be worth more than 1 cent in 2022, then this blog post will help!

Some of these cryptos have been around for a long time, while others just came to market recently. There’s never been a better time to invest!

The crypto market is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep track of the trends. As cryptos continue to grow in popularity, more cryptos are created exponentially. You can make money by investing in penny cryptocurrencies before they take off, as bitcoin did back in 2017. 

With that being said, we look at the best cryptos under 1 cent and why they are great investments now and in the future. 

As always, this is not investment advice. So be sure to do your own research before investing in the cryptocurrency industry.

Understanding Market Capitalization and Token Price

Before investing in any penny cryptos, it’s important to understand market capitalization and token price.

Market capitalization measures the value of a company’s outstanding shares. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares by the current stock price. This measures the overall size of a company and its growth potential.

Token price is how much each token costs on the open market. This can be compared with other cryptocurrencies to see undervalued or overvalued.

A high market cap doesn’t always mean that crypto is a good investment, but it shows that investors have interest in it.

Many cryptos below one cent have a high potential for growth because their market caps are low compared to other cryptos. This means that cryptos under one cent have a lot of room to grow, and they could potentially go up in value more than cryptos with high market caps. 

While cryptos under one cent aren’t worth much right now on the open market, investing in them is still a good idea if you know what you’re doing. If these cryptos explode as Bitcoin did back in 2017, then your investment will be over 100 times its original value! Even though there’s no guarantee this will happen anytime soon, it’s possible for penny cryptos to make big bucks for investors who get involved early enough while prices are low. 

When looking at crypto markets or any investment opportunity, always research the underlying asset. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in penny cryptos. 

Cryptos under one cent are cryptos that have a price below the US penny while writing this post. Since cryptomarkets fluctuate, cryptos can go up or down in value over time. 

Using a Decentralized Exchange

One way to purchase cryptos under one cent is by using a decentralized exchange. A decentralized exchange (DEX) is an exchange that doesn’t rely on a third party to hold funds. This means that users can trade directly with each other without worrying about security or trust issues. 

Since DEXs are becoming more popular, many options for buying penny cryptos are available. This is a good thing because cryptos under one cent are usually only available on DEXs. 

It’s best to buy penny cryptos through an exchange that has its coin or token. This means purchasing the decentralized currency and using it for transactions with lower fees than regular exchanges offer since they don’t have as many overheads. 

The most popular coins used by decentralized exchanges include Ethereum, EOS, and Kyber Network (KNC). Buying these cryptos will allow you to purchase other cryptos at low prices, which you can then sell when their value rises! 

If you’re looking to invest in cryptos under one cent, we recommend getting started now while prices are still low so that your investment has time to grow.  

As cryptos become more popular, penny cryptos will likely be available on exchanges so they can be traded with other cryptos rather than just used for transactions. This means you should start researching DEXs now while prices are low so you know which one to use when the time comes! 

Since DEXs are becoming more popular, there are many options for buying cryptos below $0.01. This makes it easier for you as an investor because you’ll be able to buy these cheap coins then wait until their price increases before selling them.    

Top Penny Cryptocurrency

Now that you know how to buy cryptos under one cent, we’ve put together a list of the best penny cryptos that you can invest in. These cryptos have the potential to grow in value over time and offer great investment opportunities!  

Please note that this is not financial advice, and you should always do your research before investing in cryptos. Most importantly, remember never to invest more than you can afford to lose. 

Here are the top cryptos under one cent that we believe has excellent investment potential: 


Dogecoin Logo
Dogecoin Logo

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency forked from Litecoin and has been around since 2013. Its unique mascot, the Shiba Inu dog meme, has given it cult status on crypto markets as well as giving it its slogan: “dogecoin: much coin such crypto wow.” 

This is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. When writing this article, Dogecoin was trading at $0.1804.  

Dogecoins are used to tip other users online or send money through social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Although Dogecoin currently sits at number 11 in terms of market cap size (over $85 billion), we believe this crypto have a huge growth potential if more people start using cryptos for transactions rather than just investing in them. This means buying cryptos now while prices are still low, so you have time for your investment to grow! Don’t forget to follow Elon Musk’s Twitter account, as a lot of bumps have taken place thanks to him.

Dogecoin is a cryptos that can be bought on a decentralized exchange, so it’s worth considering for your investment portfolio.

We recommend using Kyber Network (KNC) to buy Dogecoins because you’ll need Ethereum or EOS tokens to purchase KNC, which are then used as fees when buying cryptos with KNC.

Electroneum (ETN)

Logo Etn Network
Logo ETN Network

Electroneum is a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency that can attract more crypto holders and make it easier for beginner investors to purchase cryptos.

When writing this article, Dogecoin was trading at $0.01132. 

Electroneum was released in September 2017 and currently sits at number 124 on market cap size ($171 million). This means there’s plenty of room for growth compared with other cryptos with a higher price! Electroneum is also one of the cryptos available on a decentralized exchange, so you can buy ETN using KNC or Ethereum tokens then trade your ETN into another crypto when prices increase.

The best part is that you can download the Electroneum app and start using cryptos immediately!

Overall, ETNs have great potential for growth because they’re easy-to-use, which means more people will be willing to purchase cryptos once ETN becomes well known. This could lead to increased demand pushing prices higher over time! It’s worth checking out if you want affordable crypto with room for. 

VeThor Token (VTHO)

Vethor Token Vtho Logo
VeThor Logo

VeThor token is the token used on VeChain Foundation’s blockchain platform to facilitate decentralized apps, smart contracts, and crypto-based services. VTHO tokens are distributed to all holders of VeChain (VET) every time they make a transaction, which means you can earn passive income with your cryptos!

VeChain was founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, who previously worked as CIO for Louis Vuitton China, showing his experience working within the luxury goods industry. This background has helped him create partnerships with many leading brands, including PwC Asia Pacific, who have helped build their ecosystem of Dapps.

The best part about a penny cryptocurrency like VeThor Token is that it gives cryptomarkets mainstream adoption because large companies are willing to invest money into them. VeChain has the potential to disrupt entire industries with their blockchain platform, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this crypto!

When writing this article, VTHO was trading at $0.006893 and is sitting at number 181 with a market cap of $315,722,325. Moreover, a penny cryptocurrency like VeThor Token is already listed on most major exchanges, which means crypto markets have the potential to grow rapidly in the future!

If you want crypto markets to go mainstream and see significant growth, this is one of the penny cryptocurrencies you should be looking at. It’s still cheap, so it could provide an opportunity for early investors who buy now while prices are low but start seeing returns over time as cryptomarket demand increases.

Article about VTHO

Dent (DENT)

Dent Logo
Dent Logo

Dent is a crypto that’s been made to be used for everyday mobile phone users around the world! This means it can help cryptomarkets grow significantly, which will drive prices higher over time as demand increases. Dent has already partnered with Telcoin, so some exciting things are in store this year!

When writing this article, DENT was trading at $0.003998 and sat at number 162 with a market cap size of $412,126,118.28. As more people start using cryptos every day, the crypto market potential will increase exponentially, which could push prices much higher than where they currently stand today! 

Cryptocurrencies like Dent have unlimited growth potential because if their use continues to grow, cryptos could eventually be worth thousands of dollars per coin.

As with most cryptos under $0.01, cryptos like Dent are already listed on major exchanges, which means it’s easy to buy into the market and start seeing returns over time as prices increase! 

It also has plenty of potential for growth because more people will look at crypto markets in the future once they realize how profitable using cryptos can be. This is one you should consider if you want cheap crypto markets that have room for significant growth!

Article about DENT

Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Token Logo
Nervos Logo

Nervos Network is a crypto token based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus algorithm to verify transactions within its network. The unique thing about this crypto is that it will be scalable enough to handle all types of decentralized apps, making cryptomarket demand increase! This could lead to Nervo tokens increasing in price significantly over time as crypto markets continue growing!

When writing this article, CKB was trading at $0.02411 and sits at number 121 with a market cap size of $707,382,849. As crypto markets grow exponentially, cryptos like Nervous Network have unlimited potential for growth because they’ll be needed to handle all the increased traffic! This makes it an excellent investment for those who want cryptos with high potential growth in the future!

Also, cryptos like Nervo Network are already listed on major exchanges, which means crypto markets have the potential to grow quickly in value. It’s also one of the cryptos with a low price, so you could see significant returns over time as prices increase! This is one crypto worth looking into if you want cryptomarket demand and growth without having to pay high fees for them!

Suppose crypto markets continue growing at their current rate. In that case, we’ll start seeing more people turning towards cryptocurrencies, which will significantly drive up monthly trading volume significantly – this means it should make it easier for cryptos like Nervo Network to increase the price! Like all cryptos under $0.01, cryptos like CKB can be bought and sold quickly because they’re already listed on most large exchanges. 

Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin Logo
Siacoin Logo

Siacoin is a decentralized cloud storage provider that allows users to store data on a blockchain-based network. This makes it more secure than other centralized cloud storage providers and could increase demand for Siacoins! As crypto market demand continues to grow, prices for Siacoin are likely to follow suit and increase significantly over time!

When writing this article, SC was trading at $0.01817 with a market cap size of $907,626,936. While cryptos like SC have had a significant price increase over time, it has the potential to grow exponentially because of increased cryptomarket demand!

It works to allow cryptomarket demand and use to increase as the network grows. The more people who want to store data using Siacoin, the higher prices for SC tokens should go! This makes cryptos like Siacoin an excellent investment because it has high potential growth and scalability built into its platform. This coin is for us significantly undervalued.

While it has been on an upward trend, cryptos like Siacoin are still undervalued compared to other cryptos with similar features. As crypto market demand continues to grow, crypto enthusiasts and experts believe that it will see a rise in prices for SC tokens, and people will start using it more and more!

Holo (HOT)

Holo Hot Logo
Holo Logo

Holo is a crypto market that allows users to build and host decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform, making it one of the cryptos with high growth potential! Because crypto markets like ETH can’t provide dApp support, cryptocurrencies like HOT are likely to increase in price as more people start using their platforms for various projects, such as gaming and online shopping! This could lead to significant returns over time as crypto markets continue growing! 

When writing this article, Holo was trading at $0.01033 with a market cap size of about $1,793,901,969 – making it significantly smaller than other cryptos mentioned here today. However, there’s no telling how high prices could go if cryptomarket demand continues to grow at its current rate!

What sets Holo apart from other cryptos is the fact that it has a working product. This means that people can start using it right away and not wait for developers to build something on top of it! This gives HOT an edge over other cryptos in terms of potential growth because there’s more room for adoption as people see how useful it is!

BitTorrent (BTT) 

Bittorrent Btt Logo
BitTorrent Logo

BitTorrent is a digital currency system that allows people to share files securely and anonymously over the internet. While other cryptos will enable file sharing, BitTorrent stands out because of its large user base, which is only going to grow as more people start using it!

When writing this article, BTT was trading at $0.003882 with a market cap size of about $3,843,921,659. So, cryptos like BTT have a significant price increase because cryptomarket demand is likely to grow as more people begin using it!

While cryptos that allow for file sharing and storage are in high demand, cryptos like BTT stand out from the crowd because they already have an established user base. This means there’s less work left for developers to do before making helpful something – which could lead to crypto market value going up significantly over time!

BTT works on the Tron (TRX) network, which has a large user base of its own. Tron is a blockchain technology platform that allows for the development of decentralized applications. BitTorrent’s applications include a chat system and a wallet, so there are already several ways to use it! This makes cryptos like BTT an attractive investment opportunity because they have both the growth potential that comes from cryptomarket demand and working applications.

Things to consider when looking for cryptos under 1 cent

When looking for cryptos under 1 cent, it’s essential to consider a few things:

  1. What is the potential growth of the cryptocurrency?
  2. What is the current market cap size?
  3. How established is the particular cryptocurrency?
  4. What are its applications?
  5. Does it have a continued growth?

By considering these factors, you can better understand whether or not given crypto is worth investing in! For example, cryptos like Siacoin and Holo have high potential growth because they’re still relatively unknown compared to other cryptos. Similarly, cryptos like BitTorrent have large market caps because they’re already well established and have many working applications! So, it depends on what you’re looking for when choosing which cryptos to invest in.

However, it’s important to remember that cryptos are incredibly volatile and can go up or down in price at any time! So, always do your research before investing!

Which Cryptocurrency will boom in 2021?

Are you looking for cryptos under 1 cent? Check out these three cryptos with high potential growth!

  • Holo (HOT) is a blockchain technology platform that allows for the development of decentralized applications.
  • BitTorrent (BTT) is a cryptocurrency system that allows people to share files securely and anonymously over the internet.
  • Siacoin (SC) is a blockchain-based storage solution that allows users to rent out extra storage space. These cryptos have high potential growth because they’re still relatively unknown compared to other cryptos.
  • BitTorrent is an established cryptocurrency with many working applications! This means there’s less work left for developers to do before making something useful – which could lead to crypto market value going up significantly over time!
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke but has since gained a large following. While it may not have the potential growth of cryptos like Holo and BitTorrent, it’s still worth considering because of its low price! So, cryptos under 1 cent are definitely something to watch in 2021!    


So, that’s it. These are the best cryptos under 1 cent to watch in 2022! Cryptos like BitTorrent and Holo have high potential growth because they’re still relatively unknown compared to other cryptos. Meanwhile, cryptos like Dogecoin are worth considering because of their low price! We want also to mention Basic Attention Token (BAT), which was on our radar but it’s now more than $1. It seems it’s starting to not be penny crypto anymore.

Always do your research before investing in cryptos, as they are incredibly volatile and can go up or down in price at any time! Please note that the cryptos mentioned in this list are not endorsements for cryptos. Many other cryptos under 1 cent have not been discussed here.

Investing in cryptocurrencies that are still relatively unknown could lead to high returns on your investment as the crypto market continues to boom over time! We also recommend looking into cryptos with low market caps because they’re more likely to go up than cryptos with more extensive market capsizes (for now, at least).  

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