Spring Game : Complete guide to make money by planting trees

For some time now, NFTs have been gaining momentum and have become an inherent part of everyday life. It is usually associated with digital object and it is unique in itself. And if you are asked to save the planet by planting trees, while earning money. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible with Spring Game. It is an online game that allows you to generate passive income by planting trees. It is designed to work with the Avalanche Blockchain technology (AVAX). But what is the return on investment? How do I get started playing? Are there any major features to come? This article will answer all these questions!

What is Spring Game and how does it work?

SpringGame is a promising BSC (Binance smart chain) based game that allows you to earn money by planting trees. It stands out because it combines ecology and technology. The goal of the game is to buy seeds that you will plant on a plot of land. You will take care of a small NFT tree. When this tree grows, it becomes valuable and you generate passive income automatically. Over time, the tree will start to age and lose its leaves. This will cause your rewards to drop. At this point, you will have to maintain it. The game has packs that will allow the tree to live a long time.

How can I buy my seeds?

Spring Games Seeds
Spring Game Seeds

There is something for every risk profile and every budget. Depending on the risk you like to take, there are different types of trees. Concretely, you will buy a seed that you will plant on a piece of land. The seed will give a tree that will grow and give you SPR Tokens. Keep in mind that the land is free, but if you want to increase the yield of the tree, paid land is available.

You need the SPR Token or the BUSD Token. If you are on Metamask, log in to the browser and look for the application’s website. As soon as you get there, connect your Wallet.

Other ways to buy SPR tokens

To buy SPR tokens, you have to go to pancakeswap and swipe to get them.

The different types of seeds

There are 5 types of seeds (prices could change as this article is written the 07.29.22
Plum Bonsai Seed: $55

Plum Bonsai Seed

Bonsai Seed: 148 $

Bonsai Seed Spring Game
Bonsai seeds can give bonsai trees with money growing trees

Fir Seed: $647

Fir Seed Spring Game
Spring Game : Complete guide to make money by planting trees 7

Oak Seed (Oak): $1164

Oak Seed (Oak) Spring Game
Spring Game : Complete guide to make money by planting trees 8

Cherry Seed: $1565

Cherry Seed Spring Game
Spring Game : Complete guide to make money by planting trees 9

To purchase, go to the game’s webpage and then log in to your wallet to make a purchase. When you buy your seed, you get 100% return. However, keep in mind that this percentage will not remain indefinitely.

How to play Spring Game?

The process of the game is quite simple.
First, you will buy a seed of your choice; Buy SPR via Pancakeswap or BUSD to buy a seed. The land is offered for free.
The seed is planted and grows as you go along.
Plant your seed in the free land and earn rewards every day, that’s it! Your NFT tree generates daily Tokens that you will exchange for Cryptos or Dollars.

The different cycles of the tree

Your tree has a life cycle and as we said before, as it grows it brings you passive income that you can exchange. There are 4 phases in its life cycle.

Phase 1

Life level of the tree at 100 points
you receive 100% of your i’s until you reach your Return on Investment (ROI)!

This period depends on the type of tree and is called the Game Reward Period (GRP).

Example: Fir Genesis tree = 54 days

Phase 2

Your tree has reached maturity. It will continue to produce 100% of the rewards for another half GRP (27 days in the example).

Phase 3 and 4

Then, its life points will slowly decrease with its rewards, so you will have to water your tree to heal it.

To this end, to prevent your tree from dying. With the progressive fall of the leaves, the level of rewards will drop to 50%, until reaching 5% of your rewards if you do nothing.

Here’s what to do:
You will fortunately be able to buy water packs in the marketplace to recharge your NFT tree and continue to produce 100% rewards

Keep my tree alive

There are also fertilizer packs to boost your daily SPR rewards even more for 5 days! The different packs are:

The 20% packs (you make an extra 20% rewards.)

The 50% packs (you make 50% more rewards.)
It is important to remember that these fertilizer and water packs can be used on all the trees on your property. In other words, if you have 10 trees, the rewards accumulate on all the trees.

How much can I earn in SpringGame?

Depending on your risk level, seeds have different prices. The rarer the tree (e.g. cherry tree), the greater your reward. By taking care of your seed, you have a chance to get a super rare tree that will earn you even more rewards!
The returns per day range from 1% to 3.5% depending on your tree and plot. You get your first plot for free, but you can buy a rarer one!
In addition, you have the option to boost your earnings by purchasing fertilizer and other items to better maintain your tree.

Here is an example of gain

Buy Fir seed at $350SPR or ~ $647
Mint of a Fir Genesis tree that you plant in a free genesis plot
It brings 6,5 $SPR / day or ~ 12 $/day in automatic ROI in 54 d

Earnings increase with the scarcity of trees and land!

The returns according to the trees

Depending on the choice you make, you start with a yield cap. Here is an explanatory summary:

Genesis Plum: 1%.
Genesis Bonsai : 1.24
Genesis Fir : 1.86
Genesis Oak : 2.14
Genesis Cherry : 2.87

Returns range from 1% to 3.5% depending on your tree and your land.

You can claim your money at any time. What you need to know is that there are fees applied to each claim:
Fees before the end of your ROI: 15%.
At the end of your ROI: 3%.

What makes Spring Game special

It is the ecology that is put forward with the creation of this game. So, once a tree is bought, a real tree is planted to support ecology.
The project is still recent and in fund raising so there is a way to make a nice capital gain in the next weeks or months.

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