Zignaly Review 2022: Should You Use It or Not?

Zignaly Review

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Many people are wondering if Zignaly is legit or a scam. Is Zignaly a legit crypto trading robot? Zignaly is a profit sharing crypto trading platform that has been in beta since 2018. It allows you to trade all coins (no limit) with no fees, but do they offer enough features for the free price tag? Well, the company claims to offer unlimited exchange accounts, unlimited coin pairs, unlimited positions, and priority support. These are some features that crypto enthusiasts look for when it comes to automated trading platforms. It also claims to provide its users with profit-sharing opportunities not available anywhere else. Zignaly provides users with all of the tools they need for automated cryptocurrency trading, including charts and detailed analysis that show what traders are doing at any given time. 

Zignaly seems like the perfect opportunity for people who want to get into crypto trading without any of the risks associated with traditional exchanges. But what do we know about Zignaly, and how does it work? In this review, we will take a closer look at Zignaly and see if they are worth your time! 

After a deposit $100 in any Profit Sharing services.

What is Zignaly?

Zignaly Copy Trader
How Zignaly’s profit sharing works

Zignaly is a cryptocurrency trading platform launched in 2018. It offers many automated features to help traders make the most of market patterns and has increased its reach exponentially since then, with plans for expansion throughout 2022 as well!

The bot has increased its reach substantially. This is attributed to the automated trading platform, which seems popular among traders for its simplicity and advanced functionality – even if some may be put off with the fact that Zignaly is rather not as polished as some of its competitors or limited exchange options set out on their website at first glance.

The company specializes in cryptocurrency trading, but it also offers services to trade stocks and futures on major exchanges like CME Group Incorporated or CBOE Global Markets LLC.

With its latest release of their powerful bot toolset – thanks to the powerful cloud-based system – more people are able than ever before to get access into crypto markets through expert advice from an all-inclusive set of hedge trades without any code required!

The bot concentrates on simple or advanced processes, depending on what pattern they are looking for, to make sure to maximize profit no matter how small it may seem at first glance!   

Zignaly offers a fully customizable trading experience for users. The cloud-based system allows them to access their features anywhere, even if they don’t have an internet connection on their main device, and can be used in conjunction with other devices such as smartphones or tablets so you never miss out when it comes to making trades!

In other words, the platform’s cloud system ensures 24/7 accessibility, regardless of location or device limitations. It also supports unlimited cryptocurrency trading from one exchange, which means traders can take breaks while analyzing markets and then make trades accordingly! 

The cloud-based system also ensures traders have unlimited cryptocurrency trading without having too much fiat currency tied up in margin buys as well as selling short announcements when needed for specific stocks. 

Zingaly is a company that focuses on one exchange: Binance. Over time, they hope to add more exchanges such as Poloniex and Kucoin so customers can trade cryptocurrency without having an account with them first. The Zingaly bot supports trading through these platforms by automating your buys or sells according to what the market price dictates at any given moment – for example, if Bitcoin prices start going down, then it might sell some coins off of its balance in order to make margin trades where possible later down this road until things turn around again!

There is a chance that the US citizens will be unable to use Zignaly’s services as of late, given that Binance may soon stop offering services in the country. If the company decides to move forward with its plans and stop supporting American traders exclusively from now on, then people living or holding visas from within this country could face some serious problems because they won’t have access unless you leave your home base illegally. So, this is one limitation that Zignaly has. They need to add more exchanges to the platform in order to remain relevant. 

What are the Features of Zignaly? 

Zignaly claims to be a crypto trading platform that offers all of the features traders look for when it comes to automated trading. Zignaly does not require any additional software or downloads and can work from any device with an internet connection. Zignaly also doesn’t charge fees, which means you’re getting 100% profit on your exchanges! The Zignaly Trading Bot connects directly at Binance and other major exchanges, allowing users direct access and control of their accounts through the ZIGNALY Control Panel (ZCP).

With that being said, the following are the salient features of this crypto trading platform: 

Crypto Signals / Trading Bots / Sell Signals

Crypto Trading Bots
Signal Providers & Crypto Trading Bots

Zignaly is a platform that allows users to buy and sell signals from external but integrated signal providers. The app itself does not provide these services; instead partnering with some profitable mining hamster signallers like Mining Hamster Signals for cryptocurrency trading in conjunction with Crypto Base Scanner’s forex feed through their DEX (decentralized exchange).

Copy Trading: 

Zignaly Copy Traders
Copy Traders

Traders, new and experienced alike, will find Zignaly a perfect tool for copy-trading. Copy Trading on the platform helps traders pick an expert of their choosing to replicate the activity they desire without any manual effort from you as a trader! The settings are handled by experts, so all that is left over with this service is just sit back and relax while your trades go down in history. You can also take advantage of professional services offered through its marketplace where other people pay fees so as well may learn how successful one particular strategy has been firsthand. 

After a deposit $100 in any Profit Sharing services.

Easy to Use: 

Zignaly is the world’s easiest platform to use. Opening an account takes 10 minutes or less, and it explains each feature, so users never have any questions about what they are doing before getting started!

TradingView Integration:

The most interesting thing about the platform is that it allows users to integrate TradingView, which enables them to use their ideal indicators or TV’s Cryptocurrency Signal Finder recommendations. The Zignaly platform is a one-stop-shop for traders of all levels. It may not come as a surprise to seasoned veterans in cryptocurrency trading that their indicators and TV’s recommendations on when signals might signal great opportunities arising from market fluctuations can come in handy during hefty trades. 

Unlimited Coins:

The user can now trade with any amount they want. The platform will accept all the enabled trading pairs from their signal provider, so traders have an opportunity to capitalize on every possible investment avenue. This means users are not restricted to trading a specific amount of pre-selected coins. They are able to take advantage of various opportunities through cryptocurrency investments by choosing their own funds wisely.

Trailing Stop Loss: 

Trailing stop losses are one of the most popular options for traders who want to maximize potential profits and limit their exposure at once. However, many platforms don’t offer this feature as an option because it could be considered risky or too complicated in some cases! Zignaly provides support with Trailing Stops, though – so you’ll never need to worry about not being able to capture all your gains again. Trailing Stop Losses have been known throughout history as a very powerful strategy when executed correctly from both ends – taking advantage of price movements without risking too much during downturns while also protecting yourself against possible market threats. 

Types of Trades Offered at Zignaly

Copy Trading

Zignaly’s robust features offer traders everything they need to take their trading skills up a notch. The most basic of which include things like trailing stop, take profit and stop losses, but Zignaly also offers advanced options such as price deviation, volume filters, and DCA (ReBuy Strategy). A Trailing Stop Loss is an excellent feature for closing trades in crypto because not all exchanges provide this option. However, if you’re looking for more specific information on how it works, then you should visit Zignaly’s official website!

It’s important when using TSL that there are no gaps between when your order will be filled versus actually getting executed against another investor’s buy/sell orders. 

A great way to use this software is by setting up your own DCA (ReBuy Strategy) strategy, which will allow you to balance between risks/rewards in order not to have all stocks going down while losing money on some others. This protects from sudden price drops happening suddenly after hours. 

So, Zignaly supports both advanced and basic trading actions, which enables crypto traders and enthusiasts to try out different strategies and see what works best for them. 

What are the Supported Exchanges?

Zignaly is the ultimate solution for all your exchange needs. The platform offers a range of features to make it easy and seamless, with links to major exchanges like:

  • Binance
  • BitMEX
  • VCCE
  • KuCoin

Zignaly offers an easy way to create your own exchange. Their platform is powered by Binance, which means you can use it whether or not you have an account with them already!

If you don’t have any existing ones at hand already created, then there’s no need! You just edit Zignaly’s template files – powered entirely from within Binance, thanks to their partnership agreements. 

How does Zignaly Make Money?

Zignaly Copy Trading

Zignaly makes money in the same way that most other crypto trading platforms do – by taking a cut of profits. Zignaly charges 15% on all profit made through the Zignaly Trading Bots, but they don’t charge any commissions for buying or selling coins. Their main source of revenue comes from making it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Zignaly claims that any profit made by the Zignaly Trading Bot will be distributed to investors based on how many coins they hold. Zignaly offers its users profit-sharing opportunities not available anywhere else. The best part is that Zignaly doesn’t charge any transaction fees for Zignaly users.

In addition to profit sharing opportunities, it also offers unlimited exchange accounts and access to advanced tools such as Fibonacci levels and Bollinger Bands. Zignaly also provides an easy-to-use ZCP (Zignaly Control Panel) that allows users to control their Zignaly Trading Bot. It has over 400 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Monero, etc., as well as advanced tools.  

Zignaly is a profitable investment in comparison to traditional options like stocks or Forex exchanges because you can make a good amount of money without having to deal with fees and regulations.

Last but not least, the ZCP (Zignaly Control Panel) that allows users to control their Zignaly incorporates all Zignaly features in a single page. It is very intuitive and easy to use. This allows Zignaly users complete control over their Zignaly from any device or location with an internet connection. The best thing is that Zignaly doesn’t require any additional software or downloads – Zignaly is a cloud-based trading platform. ZCP gives you all the tools and features needed to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and at your own pace!

How Does Profit Sharing Works in Zignaly?

Zignaly Profit Sharing 1
Profit Sharing

Profit-sharing is the process of Zignaly distributing Zignaly tokens to ZIG holders based on how many coins they hold. Zignaly will distribute 50% of the profit generated by Zignaly among ZIG holders, who can withdraw their earnings anytime.

Zignaly tokens are the native token of the Zignaly, and they represent a share in all profits generated by the Zignaly platform and distributed among ZIG holders. The profit-sharing process is completely transparent and visible in real-time at any given moment because it happens automatically each day to all ZIG holders via their wallets/exchange accounts where their tokens reside. Anyone who holds more than 1000 ZIGs will be considered an investor whose earnings can be withdrawn whenever he wants without limitations or conditions. The good thing about this approach is that you don’t need to keep your funds on their servers. They only take care of the ZIGs you own so that Zignaly platform users can withdraw their ZIG earnings to any wallet at any time.

Is Zignaly Safe and Legit?

How Secure Is Zignaly

Please note that Zignaly has no direct access to your funds. In order to operate through Zignaly, you need to integrate it with the crypto exchange platform that you use. Zignaly is a third-party Zignaly platform that connects to your crypto exchange account and controls the trading activities through an API key.

Zignaly is safe because it’s backed up by three of the most secure exchanges in the world: Bittrex, Poloniex, and Bitstamp – these platforms have never been hacked.

The Zignaly website is SSL certified and secured by GeoTrust, so Zignaly users can check the authenticity of the website whenever they want. Zignaly also offers two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator to ensure that Zignaly platform access is secure when you sign in from a new device or browser. This added security measure ensures that your account cannot be accessed without proper credentials, even if someone has stolen them

Zignaly runs on cloud servers that are fully protected against cyber-attacks and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. This way, Zignaly won’t go offline regardless of how strong an attack becomes because it’s hosted on multiple dedicated cloud systems where each system operates its own wallet 24/24 hours / 365 days per year.

Above all, Zignaly has ZIG token holders’ interests at heart because it’s the ZIGNALY Token that allows ZIG Holders to profit-share with Zignaly.

What do you need to know about Zignaly Trading Bot?

Zignaly Analytics
Zignaly Analytics

Zignaly offers a free trading bot that allows you to use your own strategy and signals or one of many paid providers’ strategies. You can set it on auto-mode if necessary for quick trades but also have the option of choosing when/if an order should be opened by hand using rules in place which TradingView has made available through their website as well.

Zignaly is great because they provide automated trading and users access not only to directional price movements within financial markets like stocks & shares but also commodities such as gold, ETFs, foreign exchange rates, forex marketplaces, and more. 

You can accept sell signals in order for Zignaly to be on auto-mode or set up custom rules so as to not close any positions without opening it first with an open position. This way, you can determine whatever rate best suits your trade, given the current market conditions.

The following are some of the prominent benefits of the Zignaly trading bot: 

  • Unlimited ZIG Profit Share: Zignaly allows you to profit-share with Zignaly tokens, which are used as payment methods in the Zignaly system. The good thing about this approach is that you don’t need to keep your funds on its servers. The platform takes care of the tokens owned by the trader. Hence, Zignaly users can withdraw their earnings at any time without limitations or conditions.
  • Multiple Exchange Support & API Keys: With a single account, traders can manage multiple crypto exchange accounts simultaneously using Zignaly. Zignaly users can trade on more than 50 exchanges using Zignaly Trading Bot, which works with REST API keys of many major crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex, and others.
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies Supported: Zignaly is a multi-cryptocurrency trading platform that supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Ripple(XRP), Monero (XMR). Also, ZIG holders get to profit share in any token listed within the Zigntal Exchange Marketplace Platform.
  • Ease of Use & User Experience Design: With its user-friendly interface design and easy navigation system, Zignaly makes it easier for traders to place buy and sell orders as well as profit-sharing ZIG transactions. Zignaly also offers an easy and straightforward fee structure for ZIGNALY token holders to withdraw ZIGNALY tokens from the platform.

Zignaly bot is currently available on Mac OS and Windows. Soon it will be available on the mobile version too (website and app). If you’re looking at auto trading cryptocurrency, then this could be a great system for you because of its ease of use and comprehensive approach that makes it work across multiple exchanges with different API keys.

How do you Trade on Zignaly?

As discussed, there are four ways to trade with Zignaly. They are: 

  1. Connect your exchange account
  2. Connect to a profit-sharing service to start automated trading
  3. Follow a signal provider 
  4. Connect to a copy trading service 
  5. Trade manually with Zignaly’s Trading Terminal 

Connect to a profit-sharing service (100% automated)

Zignaly Dashboard

Profit-Sharing is a great way to trade like an expert. You’ll get 100% identical results, and the only fee involved will be your success fee when you make new highs on these positions! If you’re looking for a way to get in on the action without risking any of your own capital, then Profit-Sharing will give it straight from professional traders who have already made their fortunes off these trades and know what they are doing best.

Signal Provider Zignaly

Connect to a copy trading service (100% automated)

Copy-trading is a common way to make money on the stock market. You’ll never have to worry about losing your entire investment. You can copy professional traders by using Zignaly’s automated system that only charges when they’ve reached new highs for these positions! In short, you just need to focus on identifying the right trades, and aspects like setting strategies, risk management, and attributes will be handled by the automated system. 

Follow a signal provider 

A trade signal provider is an investment strategy that can help you make your trades more profitable. They offer signals for when to buy and sell stocks, options on cryptocurrencies or Forex currency pairs, etc., which will require less guesswork than just guessing at the moment of entry into a position by yourself!

Trade manually with Zignaly’s Trading Terminal 

Zignaly Trading Terminal
Zignaly Trading Terminal

The Trading Terminal offers traders the flexibility to make trades manually or automatically. Those who prefer not having their positions constantly reinforced by computer algorithms can do so with this option, which includes tools like Trailing Stop and DCA Rebuys.

Conclusion: our Zignaly Bot Review

Balance Zignaly
Balance for one of our Copy Trader

Zignaly is a cloud-based crypto trading platform that makes it easy for users to access multiple exchanges and use different API keys with one single account.

Zignaly offers many benefits compared to other popular cryptocurrency auto trading platforms such as Cryptohopper, Gunbot & Gekko because of its ease of use, user interface design, and user experience designs across all devices (mobile/web) and the ability for ZIG Holders to have continuous income through Zignaly’s Profit Share model.

After a deposit $100 in any Profit Sharing services.

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