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Update 28.01.22 We do not recommend you to start playing this game. It is very likely that you will lose your entire investment. is a new game that lets you make money by playing online. Cryptocars are virtual cars, and the more time you spend on the site, the more cryptocar coins you will earn. But what’s the ROI? How do I start playing? Are there any major features coming soon? This article will answer all these questions!

What is Cryptocars?

Cryptocars My Cars
My cars in Cryptocars

Cryptocars is a new online game that allows you to make money while playing. It’s straightforward – all you have to do is buy a car and start driving! The faster you drive, the more cryptocars coin (CCAR) you earn.

CryptoCars is a fun way to own your favorite car. It’s inspired by Movie Cars, a 2006 American computer-animated sports comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It’s powered by NFT Blockchain Technology, which will help you prove ownership of digital assets and use CCAR2 in cases such as In-game payment: Buy/Sell materials Reward for tournaments Reward for missions.

CryptoCars Token (CCAR & CCAR2) was deployed on Binance Smart Chain with standard BEP-20.

Discord Link:


How much can I make?

The amount of money you can make depends on how much time you spend on the site. The more time you use your car, the more CCAR2 you will earn. In addition, there are periodic bonuses that allow players to make even more CCAR2.

Is it worth it?

Yes! You need 34 days to have a return on investment.

Your need 600 CCAR + 10 CCAR for the license plate.

Image 2 Complete Guide to Start Playing and Make Money 8

You make almost 20 CCAR per day. Some days you will have more, some days less, but it’s my average. I’m nearly 17 CCAR per day on my classic car, and I’m almost 25 CCAR per day on my supercar.

You also need to refuel your car. It will cost you 2 CCAR.

So if we make 20 CCAR per day, which we will reduce by 2 for the refuel, we will need 34 days to make a return on investment.

Quick Recap

Day 1 Spending 610 CCAR

Day 10 : + 180 CCAR

Day 20 : + 360 CCAR

Day 30 : + 540 CCAR

Day 40 : +720 CCAR

Now you have a positive ROI, and every CCAR you make will be a pure bonus. If you want to know more about my strategy, it will be after.

How do I start playing?

How to Buy CCAR?

1/ Install Metamask

You can add it on Chrome on this link :


2/ Buy CCAR2

Log in with your Metamask account.

Now we need to add CCAR2 on Pancakeswap.

Here is the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) that permits to add CCAR on Pancakeswap.


You can add it on Metamask, select a coin and search with the contract. I’ve done a little video to show you how to proceed.

Now you added the coin on Metamask. We can swipe it. But we need to transfer crypto to your wallet.

Two possibilities:

1/ You already have crypto

You need to send BNB to your metamask wallet. If you don’t have it, send it to your Binance Wallet and convert it to BNB. You can get your wallet account by clicking below your account:

Image Complete Guide to Start Playing and Make Money 9

You can now send BNB to this address. Send it in the BEP-20 Protocol.

To know the amount you need. Multiply the current rate below to 625. You will need only 620 but you will have some fees and it should cover it.

2/ You don’t have crypto

Buy it in Binance. It’s secure. You can have crypto easily. As soon as you have it, buy BNB and send it to your wallet by doing the procedure 1/ You have already crypto.

Зображення 1 Complete Guide to Start Playing and Make Money 10

How to play Cryptocars?

You need to do a race every day. You can see it in the video below.

Race Races

By doing this, you will earn CCAR.

Claim your reward

Please don’t do like me the first time. I didn’t understand that if I claimed it the same day, I had 50% fees. So wait the next days to claim it.

1st Day: 50% Fees

2nd Day: 40% fees

3rd Day: 30% fees

4th Day: 20% fees

5th Day: 0% fee


You need to refuel every day. You can refuel 24 hours after your last race. So if you did a race at 02:00 PM, you would need to wait until the next day at 02:00 PM to start a new race. It will cost you 2 CCAR per car.

Sell or buy your car

Cryptocars Marketplace
Cryptocars Marketplace

When you want, you can buy the car of the community or you can even sell your cars. Which can maximize your profits.

Send your CCAR2 to your wallet

Withdraw Ccar Complete Guide to Start Playing and Make Money 11

I recommend you to send every week the CCAR you make. You could reinvest it, but my strategy is to secure my first investment and not lose any money.

To Withdraw, you need to select the amount you want to transfer and add your wallet.

You need to withdraw 100 CAR minimum and 5 CCAR fees until you withdraw more than 250 CCAR. When it’s more than 250 CCAR, they take 2.5% of fees.

Current ROI with Car Fusion (update 07.01.22)

We will make a calculation in low average (20 CCAR for a car 4 races, personally I am around 25 of average).

We have therefore by 15 days repair of the car and it is modified according to the type of car and the level so the calculation is not exact here but I do not know if it is necessary to dig more the calculation. Add a comment if you are interested in a Google Sheet to see the ROI.

It is also necessary to take into account the added value of the car if legendary (1650/1700 on the market against 2×550 in boxes) + The fact that merging at the end of the durability allows having the gains of both cars + only one repair for the newly merged.

Common / Classic:

Daily gain: 20×15
Daily Refuel : 2×15
Repair : 60
Total gain : 300-(2×15+60) = 210

That is to say before fusion 420 ccar per 15 days if we take into account two cars.

After merger if Super Car

Daily gain : 25×15
Daily Refuel : 2×15
Repair : 60
Total gain : 375-(2×15+60) = 285 ccar (a little bit higher because repair less often)

After fusion if Rare

Daily gain: 30×15
Daily Refuel : 2×15
Repair : 60
Total gain : 450-(2×15+60) = 360 ccar (a bit higher because repair less often)

After merge if Legendary

Daily gain: 35×15
Daily Refuel : 2×15
Repair : 60
Total Gain : 525-(2×15+60) = 435 ccar (a little bit higher because repair less often)

Our review: we recommend

Cryptocars have great potential. We know that Грайте, щоб заробляти games could be interesting initially to have a great ROI, but the team is doing well and constantly adding new features. In December, the coin is at $0.5, which seems to be low when we know how popular is the game and all the features they will add, such as PVP and car depreciation.

So we recommend this game and also Cryptoplanes and Cryptoguards. We will soon add new articles for them.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

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