Bitcoin and online gambling are (almost!) Perfect couple

Bitcoin and online gambling are (almost!) Perfect couple. There are many advantages of gambling with Bitcoins: transactions are handled quickly and anonymously, there are no chargebacks (chargebacks) and the player needs not to worry about taxes or government seizing the casinos bank account . In addition, Bitcoin is not an official currency, which is why gambling with Bitcoins is nowhere illegal – no matter what country the play . Bitcoin casinos but also have some drawbacks – most notably the fact that the regulation of these casinos is difficult because no official gambling license is required in order to open such a casino. If Bitcoins will be paid at the wrong casino, the money could be gone forever.

Luckily the gambling with is Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies will become more popular, which means that an increasing number of reviews are published and the information available online will be perfected . However, reviews on the Internet are not always completely reliable. Many “professional bloggers” give every casino a good evaluation, as long as they are well paid for it. That’s why I decided to publish this website – I play even quite a lot and it can not stand when bastards post fake reviews to earn a bit of money. The reviews on this website are based 100% on personal experience and on feedback from my readers.

Also consider the probably fair Technology which uses the blockchain as the basis of the random results generations of the game and thus can be tracked by the player in a way that gives the player a clear information about the process which the games outcome occur and give him the power to monitor the the genuinity of the results without using 3rd parties stamp . It was created specifically for those who are not familiar with Bitcoin and don’t trust the Gambling operator, and thus the principle of this exciting concept of Bitcoin online can understand gambling. check the top bitcoin online casinos and Top Bitcoin poker rooms

Paying for VPN with Bitcoins Perfecting Your Online Privacy

To perfect your online privacy you can choose between various anonymous payment methods to pay for your VPN account. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency with which you can pay with Perfect Privacy directly to the provider without providing any personal information which can identify you and associate you to the account activity – there is no conversion to euros or US dollars needed no credit card details no addresses and real names. Total anonymity from your first stem into the vpn account. this solves the weak link of using VPN tunnel for privacy concerns , in this way even the Vpn provider will not identify you or will be able to transfer your account details and activity log to third parties. Paying Vpn with bitcoins Takes your cyber privacy to the next level.
Several anonymization vpn providers now accept Bitcoin as payment. Thanks to the purchase can be done with the digital currency Bitcoin can also be the actual payment of the service is thus done without a bank transaction is which recorded somewhere. Bitcoin enables trading without big brother surveillance When the whole point of getting an anonymization is to remain anonymous, as are the methods of payment of service is an area where we are to prevent any party can tie your use of the service / account. This will therefore be possible through the purchase of Bitcoins. Purchase is made without intermediaries (However, specific measures must be taken to a Bitcoin purchases will remain 100% anonymous). However, it is a good sign of respect for the integrity of VPN vendors now choose to offer payment by Bitcoin.